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Best Full Mattress for 2022 – CNET

If you’ve been unsatisfied with the quality of your sleep lately, then it might be time to upgrade to a new mattress. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable mattresses online. Plus, when you buy a new mattress online there is typically some type of guarantee so you can return your purchase if you need something a bit more soft — or firm

Even with satisfaction guarantees, you still want to choose a good full-size mattress right out of the gate. You’ll want to consider things like mattress construction, mattress type, pressure relief, motion isolation and your personal preferences. Are you looking for a foam mattress, an innerspring mattress or a hybrid mattress (innerspring with a foam layer)? Do you sleep on your back or are you primarily a stomach sleeper? Do you prefer a soft mattress, a firm mattress or a medium-firm mattress? It’s a lot to wade through.

I already did most of the work for you by rounding up six of the best full-size mattresses below. And, once you find the mattress of your dreams, don’t forget to also invest in a good bed frame, mattress protector, box spring, pillows and sheets to maximize your good night’s sleep.

Cocoon by Sealy

Type: Memory foam mattress
Firmness: Medium to medium-firm or 6
Trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 10-year warranty
Price (full): $969

The Cocoon by Sealy Chill Memory Foam mattress is the perfect marriage of softness and the right amount of mattress firmness support. While having some firmness level is important — if your mattress firmness level is too soft it can lead to back pain and many restless nights — you also want it to have enough give to contour your body and alleviate pressure. And that’s exactly what you’ll find here.

This mattress type is made with a specialized memory foam, called Perfect Fit memory foam, that’s designed to adapt to your body almost immediately. Underneath the Perfect Fit layer lies another layer of responsive comfort foam that prevents your body from sagging into the mattress, but also adds some extra cushioning. Not only did the Chill Memory Foam mattress immediately feel comfortable, it also provided excellent pressure relief so I really felt like it took the weight of the day off my body.

It also has a stretch-knit cover that’s designed to pull heat away from your body so you don’t sleep too hot. Even with a down comforter, I stayed cozy and comfortable.


Type: Memory foam hybrid
Firmness: Medium-firm or 7
Trial: 100 nights 
Warranty: 20-year prorated warranty
Price (full): $1,249  

If you suffer from back pain — or you don’t have any pain and you want to keep it that away — the Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid is an excellent option for you. It’s made with a specialized layer of proprietary memory foam, called Bio-Pur, that contours your body and offers pressure relief for your back, hips and shoulders. It has a medium-firm mattress feel that provided enough support to keep my spine properly aligned, but still felt soft enough to have some give for my pressure points. However, I’d mostly recommend this bed to combo, back, and or stomach sleepers because it may not be soft enough for side sleepers in the long-run. 

One of my favorite things about this foam mattress, though, was the better response time (compared to traditional memory foam mattresses). When you move around at night or change positions, it takes all foam mattresses some time to adjust. This lagging can lead to interrupted sleep, as it takes some time to get comfortable again. But the Bio-Pur foam responded to movement almost immediately, so I was able to readjust and fall back asleep ASAP.

The Bio-Pur memory foam is also designed to be more airy and breathable than denser memory foams, so the mattress doesn’t trap heat at all. I never woke up too hot and sweaty, even in the warmer months. Read more in our full Amerisleep mattress review

Lindsay Boyers/CNET

Type: Latex Hybrid
Firmness: 7 or medium-firm with the pillow top (9 or firm without)
Trial: 365 nights 
Warranty: 25-year limited warranty
Price (full): $1,899 (with the pillow top) $1,499 without

If you’re looking for a comfortable full-size mattress minus any potentially harmful chemicals, the Avocado Green is the mattress brand for you. It’s constructed of cotton, wool and natural latex (or you can opt for the vegan mattress, which is the same sans wool) — which is the safest combination recommended by the Environmental Working Group. This Avocado Green mattress is also free of polyester, polyurethane foam and fire retardants. But equally importantly, it’s comfortable and supportive too.

My first impression was that this full-size mattress was too firm, but after a few days, my body adjusted and I was able to settle in. The natural latex mattress started to conform to my body and I felt comfortable and supported. The Avocado Green had just the right amount of give to provide pressure relief, but not so much that I felt like I was sinking into it. It also had a quick response time, so when I changed positions, it re-adapted right away.

One note: My Avocado Green mattress came with the optional permanently affixed pillow top (which costs an additional $300 for a full size), so I can’t judge the mattress without it. But I will say that the pillow top added a layer of plushness that I think is worth it. Read more in our full Avocado mattress review


How much is a good full-size mattress?

A premium full-size mattress will range around $700 to $1,400, but there are plenty of options under $1,000 like Casper or Tuft and Needle. Full-size beds are more affordable than queen or king size mattresses, but are still suitable for couples who want to share a bed. 

What are the dimensions of a full-size mattress?

A full-size mattress measures out to 54 inches wide and 74 inches long, which is 4.5 feet wide and 6.25 feet long. 

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