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Best Shave Club for 2023: Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s and More – CNET

You’re missing out if all of your razor purchases still happen at the drugstore, because higher-quality products are available at lower prices through an online shave club subscription, which typically allow you to select the type of plan and shipping frequency that best meet your needs.

Most of these services aren’t limited to razors, either — shave gel, shaving butter, body wash, aloe vera, shea butter and aftershave products for sensitive skin are among the shaving necessities that are often part of the deal. By including add-ons such as shaving cream and gel, Dollar Shave Club, Billie, Harry’s and other shaving subscriptions are looking to offer you more value than if you were to set up Subscribe and Save on Amazon for your favorite name-brand razor. 

And don’t assume that a shaving club is limited to the guys. After all, women shave too, and many of these services offer products targeted toward both guys and gals.

Interested in ditching your drugstore disposable razor for a monthly razor subscription? This guide will help you choose the best shave club. We’ll update this list periodically.

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For men who love a straight razor shave, or who just consider themselves a bit hipster, there’s the Supply razor. This sleek single edge razor is made from aerospace-grade stainless steel and uses injector-style blades that are easy to change. Its unique design helps it stand apart from the typical safety razor. Oh, and this high quality razor has a 100-year guarantee.

Why yes, of course there is a starter set. It includes the razor handle with six month’s worth of blades, the standard shave setting, a shave brush, shaving cream and aftershave for $135. For just the razor, it’s $75, and new blades are $6 for eight blades — which the company says will last you for months.

Like Bevel, the Supply single edge razor is designed to minimize skin irritation, razor bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn. Its unique, high quality design helps it stand apart from the typical safety razor.

Yeah, those prices are steep, but Supply offers you a 100-day trial. If you don’t like it after you try it, you can get a refund.

Supply sells a few extras too. For $39, you can get a beautiful, though superfluous, leather case.

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