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Canadian password manager adds dashboard to business edition

A Canadian password management application has added a dashboard to make it easier for IT administrators to see how many employees aren’t taking advantage of the suite’s security capabilities.

Toronto-based 1Password said this week the Insights dashboard will make it easier for businesses to gather actionable recommendations to keep employees secure.

Insights dashboard shows suite information at a glance

“One of the big challenges for businesses is understanding the security posture of their company,” said 1Password CEO Jeff Shiner, including understanding where the risks and potential threats could come from. “With Insight we can gather a lot of that information and provide that to the CISOs.”

In many cases, reports were available in pieces and spread throughout the products, he acknowledged. “The biggest change is the single dashboard, along with some of the newer capabilities that continue to come out,” he said. “Business have been asking for a dashboard of these insights that they can go to at a single glance.”

Insights comes with the Business edition of the suite. Pricing starts at C$24.95/US$19.95 for a firm or a team of up to 10 employees. For organizations with more than 10 pricing is C$9.99/US$7.99 per user, including 24/7 dedicated business support. It also comes with free family accounts for all employees to encourage adoption. There is special pricing for large enterprises.

1Password runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome operating systems. In addition to business versions there are also personal and family editions.

Insights brings in 1Password’s partnership with the HaveIBeenPwned website, which has a database of email addresses and phone numbers being sold by crooks, to enable IT leaders to see if their staff are at risk. It also lets managers see which employees aren’t using all features of 1Password and which ones have insecure passwords. The dashboard can also show how many staff are using the suite’s data vault feature.

Coming soon, Shiner said, is the ability to identify which employees are using non-company approved devices, also known as shadow IT.

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