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Global 2022 Ford Ranger gets tougher styling, new 10-speed trans – Roadshow

The new global 2022 Ford Ranger looks plenty tough in Wildtrak trim.


We’ve only had the Ranger back in America for a few years, but the rest of the world has been enjoying this midsize truck for ages — and now, there’s about to be a new one. On Wednesday, Ford announced the 2022 global Ranger (read: not the US model) and we’re already jealous of the truck that’ll soon be available to folks abroad.

The most noticeable difference between our current Ranger and this new one is the exterior styling. It borrows from the Maverick and even a little from the Bronco, which makes for a boxier, more solid-looking midsize truck. It’s not wildly different from the current Ranger, but it’s different enough to make an impression.

We’re pretty limited on our Ranger powertrain options here in the US, but elsewhere in the world, they have all kinds of gasoline and diesel engine options, including a beefy V6 turbodiesel. Additionally, global consumers now get the 10-speed automatic transmission that we know and love from a bunch of current Ford products. Of course, as you’ll see in the press photos, they also get the option of a manual transmission, which makes us pretty jealous.

The new Ranger gets a big step up inside with a portrait-style infotainment screen that runs Sync 4.


Inside, things look good, with the main focal point of the interior being the 10.1-inch or optional 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system that’s running Sync 4. Like the Mustang Mach-E, which also uses Sync 4, the Ranger has a ton of vehicle settings and mode selections going through the screen, rather than with physical controls. We don’t love this approach from a functional standpoint, but it does clean up the look of the interior.

Other super cool features include a new integrated rear side-step behind the rear wheels which should make bed access a lot easier. There’s also a cool zone lighting system that can be controlled either through the vehicle screen or through the My Ford Pass app, which should prove a boon for people that camp out of their truck.

The global Ranger will debut in two flavors: XLT and Wildtrak, with the latter being geared towards off-roading and other outdoor activities. Not long after the Ranger launches, Ford will have approximately 600 accessories available for the truck, including a new line of off-road accessories developed in concert with legendary equipment brand ARB.

This new 2022 Ranger for the rest of the world will be produced at Ford’s facilities in Thailand and South Africa, with more precise launch dates expected to come soon. Likewise, Ford is keeping mum about pricing at this time, too.

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