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Hashtag Trending, June 30, 2021 – Apple employee body cameras; Tech Company HR policies, Shopify Unite 2021

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Apple is making its employees wear body cameras, tech companies across Canada revamp HR policies and Shopify hosts its annual Shopify Unite event.

It’s all the biz/tech news that’s popular right now. Welcome to Hashtag Trending! It’s Wednesday, June 30 and I’m your host Alex Coop.

Apple makes employees wear body cameras to control leaks from technology

Apple is going to extreme levels to protect its data. According to, some employees have to wear body cameras to make sure hardware trade secrets are not leaked. The cameras employees are wearing are similar to the Axon Body 2 which is what police officers in the U.S. often use. The camera provides HD recording and advanced audio. In the past few weeks, only specific teams at Apple are wearing these cameras. An article from Macworld suggests that the company could be doing this to avoid information getting to competitors like Samsung. Apple has yet to make any comments about the reporting.

As many companies prepare to return to the office, some of them are revamping their HR policies. Montreal-based software company Lightspeed POS recently introduced a policy that offers employees unlimited vacation and allows them to work wherever they want. A recent survey by the company revealed that 82 per cent of employees are looking forward to returning to the office and having flexibility to work from home. The refinement of HR policies can be seen elsewhere, too. Waterloo based software company OpenText Corp. is doubling down on work flexibility and health. According to the Globe and Mail, the company is implementing a hybrid workstyle as well as a $3 million fund to pay for employee’s health related expenses not covered by insurance.

And lastly, Shopify is hosting its annual developer conference Shopify Unite 2021. Shopify revealed new updates and features to its online store platforms, but perhaps the biggest news is the newly introduced zero percent revenue share model. Starting Aug. 1, the company will remove its revenue share requirement for the first $1 million that app developers make on Shopify. Until now, the company would take 20 per cent of revenue from developers. 

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