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Layered Bedding: This Viral Hack Helps You Style Your Bed Like a Pro – CNET

With millions of views on TikTok, the layered bedding trend is teaching your everyday sleeper to style their bed like the ones you see in five-star hotels or on the cover of Architectural Digest. A cozy, made-up bed can help promote relaxation, reduce stress and may even help you sleep better. A poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that people who make their bed are 19% more likely to have more quality rest. 

You certainly don’t need to layer your bedding for better sleep, but it sure does make tucking yourself into bed look extra enticing. Looking to give your mattress a makeover? Follow these five tips to style your bed like an interior designer. 

For more advice on making your bedroom optimal for rest, here are seven steps on making the perfect environment for sleep and how to make your memory foam mattress sleep cooler.

Step 1: As usual, start with sheets

Start making your bed as you would normally, starting with your bed’s fitted sheet and then the flat sheet. 

Step 2: Lay a quilt or blanket

Add a blanket or quilt to your bed as the second layer. Use a quilt during cool months and a lightweight blanket during warmer seasons. 

Layer a blanket or quilt over your sheets before you put on a comforter. 

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Step 3: Add a duvet or fluffy comforter

Use a comforter or a duvet with an insert as your bed’s third layer. Comforters tend to be cooler than duvets and inserts because there’s less material to trap heat. However, duvets look extra fluffy and luxurious. 

Pro Tip: Stuff two inserts inside one duvet cover for an even more plush and puffy look. 

Place it on your bed and fold the comforter in half, bringing the top left and right corners to the bottom of your bed. But you’re not quite finished. 

Bring those bottom left and right corners up again to meet the top of the now-folded comforter. 

Step 4: Pillows, pillows and more pillows

The more pillows, the better. You can also use this opportunity to get creative with decorative pillows. At the head of the bed, add:

  • Two or more standard-sized pillows
  • Two or more Euro pillows (a square-shaped pillow meant for decoration)
  • One lumbar pillow (a long pillow meant to support your lumbar spine)

Keep your standard pillows in the rear with your Euro pillows next, and the lumbar pillow in the front. You can also give the middle of your Euro pillows a karate chop in the top to give your layered bedding look more shape and dimension. 

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Step 5: Fold a blanket on the foot

Fold a blanket and lay it across the bottom third of your bed for a finishing touch. Consider a material unlike your quilt or comforter for added texture, like a chunky knit throw. 

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