Thursday, August 11, 2022
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London’s sustainable impact platform Greenspark raises £450K funding

London-based Greenspark is a sustainable impact platform that inspires companies to deal with worldwide social and environmental issues. It has hit the headlines as it has raised £450K in a pre-seed funding round led by BBVA Anthemis Venture Partnership and Perivoli Innovations.

Eyes growth with investment

The investment will enable growth of their platform offering, thereby giving businesses the option to place their sustainable impact strategy on autopilot, while simultaneously catapulting Greenspark towards their goal.

“We’re extremely excited to be working alongside Anthemis and BBVA to bring a whole new approach to tackling world issues through tools that are not simply altruistic, they make business sense,” said Lenny Leemann, co-Founder and CEO. “By proving the economic value of sustainability we truly believe we can make a huge difference in the world.”

“Sustainability is a strategic priority for BBVA. With Greenspark, we are backing a passionate founding team with a clear mission at the crossroads of fintech and sustainability,” said Christhi Theiss, head of BBVA Anthemis Venture Partnership at BBVA. “Their elegant Impact-as-a-Service solution allows businesses to offset their plastic and carbon footprint with a few clicks and involves their main stakeholders: the SMEs, its employees and clients who are buying their products. This solution empowers businesses, allowing them to focus on growing their revenues while creating a positive impact.”

“Enabling businesses and consumers to think and act about their environmental and social impact in a sustainable way is no longer for a niche segment of customers. This is a movement where the time has come to bring financial services and technology to this growing industry. Lenny and Matt are a dynamic team that has a history working towards building systems in the sustainability infrastructure space and we’re excited to support them in their journey,” said Farhan Lalji, Principal from Anthemis who leads the BBVA and Anthemis Venture Partnership.

Offers incentives for companies

Greenspark aims to incentivise companies to tackle both social and environmental issues around the world by providing them with earth-friendly online tools that effortlessly streamline into their tech systems.

By directly integrating with platforms including payment providers, marketing suites and e-commerce solutions, businesses are able to design both engaging and achievable climate action for customers, as well as their team. The seamless integration will, thus, benefit the business’ bottom line, as well as the planet. With a growing customer base and already planting thousands of trees each month, Greenspark is quickly expanding and becoming an integral component of business’ strategies when it comes to sustainability.

This expansion in the area of business sustainability is fully aligned with the objectives of the BBVA Anthemis Venture Partnership. The venture studio, the result of the collaboration between BBVA and Anthemis Group (Anthemis), seeks business ideas and disruptive startups that respond to the most urgent environmental, social, business and financial challenges, to help them reach their goals.

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