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New Backblaze app for Mac increases threading, new optimizations, and reduces disk load by 80%

Backblaze is introducing version 8.0 of its desktop app that contains many improvements for macOS users who are using the service to backup all of their data.

Backblaze remains one of my most trusted services, and I would need to be in a pretty bad financial situation to cancel it. For just $6 per month, I keep my Mac backed up, so I know that even if something happened to my Mac and my Time Machine drive, I’d still have a copy of all of my data that’s not in iCloud. I also look at Backblaze as a backup of my iCloud data that’s only 1-way sync.

In version 8 of the desktop application, it becomes an even better macOS citizen with new under the hood performance that will delight Mac users. Backblaze has been a native app since the original release, and it continues to get better over time.

A recent Backblaze survey showed that more people than ever are backing up their computers. Yet, nearly one in five Americans who own a computer have still never backed up all of their data, said Gleb Budman, CEO and Co-Founder, Backblaze. This new release will make it easier than ever for consumers and businesses to take control of their data and prevent data loss.

In this new release, Backblaze is increasing the maximum threading performance to 100. The previous app was limited to 30 threads. This addition will increase parallel processing for larger uploads. In addition, new smart throttling reduces the strain on your laptop and bandwidth during heavy uploading sessions.

This increased performance doesn’t mean the app is slower, as version 8 reduces the load on your hard drive by 80% as the app has reconfigured how read and writes happen before encryption and upload. The improvements aren’t all under the hood, though, as the app contains updated Backblaze branding as well.

Backblaze is hosting a webinar on July 29 to explain the new features, as well as take questions from the audience. The new app is available from, or you can update it from your system preference panel.

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