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Preparing for the new hybrid workplace

Most companies in 2021 are wondering what the post-Covid work landscape will look like. A McKinsey survey of 100 executives tells us the future is hybrid, estimating that 90 per cent of employees will work remotely for at least part of the time. How this will be achieved, and what impact it will have on workers, is up to each company to define for itself.

The Evolving Office

What is certain is that the hybrid office model will mean a huge change in the way people meet and work. Collaboration platforms existed before the pandemic, yet meetings were largely held in the office, with the occasional team member participating remotely via a “squawk box” on the meeting room table.


The hybrid office, by comparison, has only some team members in the office some of the time. There is, and will be going forward, complexity to having people together in person. There will be a higher likelihood of communication breakdowns, which makes it all the more important that companies work to ensure their people experience natural and authentic interactions, as if they were all sitting in the same room.

The Evolving Worker

A solid starting point for business leaders coming into this new era is to understand the challenge of maintaining culture, productivity, and a strong sense of community. Much is at stake. The erosion of a sense of shared purpose and culture among team members is usually quickly followed by a drop in individual and collective motivation – which in most cases leads to low productivity and high turnover.

Properly executed, the hybrid office can change from something a company is forced to do to something that inspires innovation and fosters team spirit.

The beauty of a hybrid workplace is that it is not an all-or-nothing scenario. By using the right tools and solutions, employees can be highly productive while maintaining a sense of connectedness and community. Inclusive technologies that remove barriers to open dialogue between office workers and people working remotely powers organizations in the new workplace.

Expert Advice on Holding Hybrid Meetings

Whether your hybrid office situation is fully under control or is still in the planning stage, consider taking an hour out of your afternoon on July 22nd to participate in “How to Hold Successful Hybrid Meetings” – a virtual briefing moderated by not-for-profit CIO Helen Knight. Knight will lead Info Tech Research Director Brian Jackson, Jabra’s Senior VP Intelligent Systems Aurangzeb Khan, and Scott Srolis, Sr. VP at from Salamander Designs in a discussion about how you can ensure your hybrid meetings offer world-class audio and video, and how the right technology can make a huge difference in engaging and inspiring remote workers.

As this is an interactive session, you will have the opportunity to ask the experts any questions you may have about returning to the office.


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