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Search for dog missing from Harrowsmith, Ont. nears 100-day mark

Shelley Speichts has been searching for her St. Bernard, Moose, for nearly 100 days.

Now, the Bring Moosey Home Facebook group is helping her in that search.

“Without my family, friends, Destiny and this group, I would be hopeless and I wouldn’t have been able to continue,” says Speichts.

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With more than 2,200 members, members of this animal-loving group are assisting Speichts as she looks for Moose by posting sightings, updates and support.

“They keep me going, you know, and hoping that he’s OK,” she says.

The five-year-old dog went missing in Harrowsmith, Ont., on March 31 and has been spotted once since then, on April 6 in the Odessa area.

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“I wouldn’t be able to do this without them. I have been in the bush for almost 100 days, people have been in the bush with me,” Speichts says of her new Facebook friends. “They’ve donated trail cams, they’ve donated money for drones. We’ve had drones going since day two. Donations of flyers, support, love. It’s a community of people who have come together in one of the hardest times, during a pandemic, with a common goal to help us and Moose.”

The group has even helped find other dogs new homes, having assisted a different St. Bernard in finding a rescue.

“It’s not just about a missing dog, it’s about a community that has come together because they love animals. And we’ve been able to do amazing things because of Moose.”

One of Speichts’ new friends is Laurie Mellor, who happened across the page and sympathized with Speichts and Moose’s story.

“He just stole your heart and so did Shelley right away. How could you not love that lovable mug?” says Mellor. “And just the story, and it just got a big gathering, you know, over time just very fast.”

Mellor says the group truly believes Moose is alive and well.

“This group is resilient. It’s absolutely resilient of strong hearts and loving hearts. It really has become a team and a lot of us haven’t met Moose, of course, but we want to, of course. And we feel like we have through Shelley’s posts and tributes and just amazing strength and love,” Mellor says. “This group is about faith and hope also. And that’s been a truly inspiring thing for all of us, and we remain hopeful.”

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Saturday will mark the 100th day since Moose went missing, and the search continues.

“The bush out here, it’s gorgeous, but it’s difficult. And there are many places he could be,” says Speichts. “The farms, the food sources, the many creeks. It’s not impossible that he could still be out there.”

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She says at this point it’s important that people keep their distance should they see Moose, and call her immediately.

“It’s been 100 days tomorrow, so he’s a wild dog right now. So if he’s spotted we just need a phone call so we can get there and do the work,” she says.

Speichts asks for people to check their properties from Harrowsmith to Kingston.

“Any help with checking outbuildings or fields, or if you have livestock, anywhere where he could eat. If you see him, please don’t approach him.”

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Moose, Speichts can be reached at 613-449-4370.

Until then, an online community of animal lovers remains hopeful that they can bring Moose home.


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