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The best deals on PC cases for July 2021

You’d be surprised at the sheer amount of PC cases out there. There are so many in so many shapes and sizes with room for liquid cooling, solid state drives, big motherboards, little motherboards, and everything in between. You have to decide for yourself what you’re looking for. Do you need a lot of hard drive slots? Do you want control of the RGB on your fans? Do you prefer tempered glass panels? Getting the best PC case for you is a big decision in your PC build, and remember the case is the main thing you’re going to be looking at for the lifetime of that PC. Get something you’ll love and that will love you back. While you’re at it, save some money! Here are the best PC case deals we can find:

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Best PC Case Deals

On a Budget:
Rosewill MIcro ATX mini tower computer case | $10 off

One of the least expensive micro ATX towers out there. Includes two fans pre-installed, USB 2.0 ports on the front, three external drive bays, and two internal 3.5-inch drive bays. It also has four expansion slots.

$29.99 at Newegg

Nzxt H510

Cable Management:
NZXT H510 compact ATX Mid Tower case | $5 off

This is an inexpensive computer case with USB-C on the front and the capability to support water cooling. It has a tempered glass side panel and a great cable management system with pre-installed channels and straps for easy wiring. It includes two Aer F120mm fans, and the PSU intake has removable filters. Supports mini-ITX, microATX, and ATX motherboards.

$66.99 at Amazon

Antec Dark Phantom

Antec Dark Phantom DP501 ATX Mid Tower gaming case | $25 off

This is a case designed with minimalism in mind. It has sleek and sharp edges. There’s also a built-in 3-pin module on the motherboard for an LED controller. Can support up to six LED case fans and has plenty of room for water cooling. Suports ATX and micro-ATX.

$67.99 at Newegg

Musetex Case

All the Fans:
Musetex tempered glass ATX Mid Tower case | 10% off

This case was selling for around $110 in May and is discounted down to $90 right now with an extra 10% off via the on-page coupon bringing it down even more. It saves you even more money because it already comes with six 120mm ARGB fans pre-installed so you get excellent lighting and airflow out of the box. It has two tempered glass panels as well.

$80.99 at Amazon

Nzxt Mini Itx

Cable Management:
NZXT H210i CA-H210i-W1 mini-ITX PC gaming case | $14 off

Another one of our favorite PC cases on sale right now. This case includes a tempered glass side panel, solid cable management, water cooling support, and integrated RGB lighting. This is the best case for building a compact PC. It includes three SSD bays, two PCIe expansion slots, four 120mm fans, and more.

$105.99 at Amazon

Cooler Master Mid Tower

Tempered Glass:
Cooler Master MasterBox MB530P ATX mid-tower | $10 off

Second lowest price in the last six months where it has peaked as high as $130. Save an extra $15 with the on-page rebate form. Has three tempered glass panels, addressable RGB fans, lighting control, and cooling support. Includes a PSU shroud, cable cover, and extra space behind the motherboard for better cable management and a clean build. Supports up to six 120mm fans and water cooling.

$119.99 at Amazon

Corsair 120mm

Expensive Lighting:
Corsair Crystal iCue 465X RGB ATX Mid Tower case | $15 off

The case includes three LL120 RGB 120mm fans that can deliver airflow up to 1,500 RPM with 16 RGB LEDs per fan. A 3-pack of these fans goes for $100 on Amazon, so you’re essentially getting the rest of the case for $35. That includes room for even more fans, a durable steel chassis, and 4mm-thick tempered glass on the side. Control all your lighting through Corsair’s iCue software. Get unobstructed airflow with a layout that channels cool air where it needs to go.

$134.99 at Newegg

Thermaltake P

All around you:
Thermaltake Core P3 panoramic viewing computer case | $13 off

Few cases give you as great a view of your PC internals as this case does. There is only one side of the case that’s completely solid, giving you a view from the front, rear, top, and side. The big downside of this case is the dust that accumulates, so you’ll want to stay on top of that.

$146.99 at Newegg

Buy, Build, & Play

All those parts you bought. The CPU, the GPU, the power supply, the RAM… it all needs a home. The PC case is its home, and you should treat buying a case like buying a house. Make sure you’ve got exactly what you need with the features you want. Even if you aren’t fully taking advantage of all the features of the case, you can always expand later possibly. The choices are nearly endless and they’re all up to you. Go for it and get building!

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