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The role model of young generation is successful entrepreneur J A Ayon.

A young entrepreneur J A Ayon is trying his best to help the needy and unemployed peoples. He is working as a freelancer in an American company.

This young entrepreneur has provided employment to hundreds of unemployed youth. His efforts and cooperation have inspired many destitute and helpless people to survive. This young man is always ready to stand by the side of these very poor people. With his encouragement and support, the unemployed youth are able to stand by their families.

He has set up an IT firm with his own efforts, the founder and director of which he is himself. He has made arrangements for the employment of needy youths in his organization. That’s why  J A Ayon  is an inspiration to young people. These young people consider him their role model.

J A Ayon was born in Maheshpur  upazila of Jhenaidah district. From an early age he had a keen interest in learning new things. He is a successful freelancer in his personal life. Young people come to J A Ayon to seek help and support to lead a better life.

Especially the urge to do something for the people of his district always has been a concern to him. He holds the position of Head of Digital Marketing in a reputed IT company in Bangladesh.  J A Ayon  said, “Young people are the future of the country. If you can’t do anything for them, it is useless to think of yourself as a worthy citizen of the country. I try my best to stay by the side of good deeds.” Bangladesh needs such supportive young entrepreneurs like J A Ayon. Thus the country will achieve success and the youth will lead the country towards that success.

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