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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could be in line for a major display upgrade

Up to this point we haven’t heard too much about the Samsung Galaxy S24, but a new leak points to a significant display upgrade coming next year: the Ultra model will apparently be fitted with displays that have a 144Hz refresh rate.

This comes from SamLover (opens in new tab) (via SamMobile (opens in new tab)), which isn’t a source we’ve heard a lot of tips from in the past, so adjust your anticipation levels accordingly. This might not come to pass, but it is also an upgrade that makes sense for Samsung and its top-tier phone.

Right now all three Samsung Galaxy S23 handsets boast screens with a 120Hz refresh rate, so this would be a significant step up in terms of the numbers – albeit not one that would be massively noticeable when you’re using the devices.

Let’s talk about specs

The refresh rate of a smartphone display quite simply affects how quickly it refreshes: the higher the number, the smoother all of your animations, videos, page scrolling and games are going to look. It’s a spec that distinguishes high-end handsets from budget phones.

We’ve got some other predicted specs from the same source as well, some of which we’ve heard before: the Galaxy S24 phones will apparently be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, which matches up with a previous rumor.

The S24 Ultra will apparently stick with the same 200MP main camera sensor as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, though with “some improvements” added, while satellite connectivity (as on the iPhone 14) is also rumored to be on the cards.

Analysis: how Ultra will the Ultra be?

The Ultra model of the Samsung Galaxy S phones is always the most expensive and feature-packed one – and especially so since the Note line ended and Samsung handed the stylus over to the Galaxy S Ultra smartphone instead.

Taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra launched in February, it has a bigger screen than the other two phones, it can be fitted with more RAM and more internal storage, and it has a superior rear camera setup.

We’ll have to wait and see just how Ultra the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is, but it sounds as though this 144Hz refresh rate is going to be exclusive to the most expensive phone in the line up. It’ll most likely be the biggest phone in the series again as well.

This strategy of offering a high-end, high price phone is one that Apple is following as well of course: indeed, it might actually be doubling down on it, if we can believe the rumors around the introduction of an iPhone 15 Ultra later this year.

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