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This Mass Effect Cosplayer Brings Her Miranda And EDI Cosplays To Life In The Best Way

With so many veterans and newcomers alike enjoying Mass Effect Legendary Edition, we thought we’d take a break from the guides and the character deep dives to just appreciate the community for a moment. Since it’s been a hot minute since I’ve shared a cosplay, I thought this would be my perfect excuse to talk about two things I love so much: Mass Effect and how freaking talented cosplayers are. So, without further ado, let’s look at one Mass Effect cosplayer’s incredible takes with her Miranda and EDI cosplays. 

From Cerberus to certified badass, EDI has never looked better than in this amazing cosplay take For those that may not be familiar with this very sassy AI, ‘she’ was first introduced in Mass Effect 1 as a mission about a rogue VI, and then later in Mass Effect 2 as a ship system implemented by Cerberus. In Mass Effect 3, she was given a more human form, one that – like Samantha Traynor and Joker – many of us fell for. The cosplayer in question goes by Star Nacho and her love for the character is very evident in her careful cosplay of her: 

And she shared a more casual, contemplative version of her EDI cosplay, which is exactly how I imagine her looking after one of her chats with Shepard about what it means to be human

Star Nacho also brought the “Cerberus cheerleader” to life, as well. Miranda was first introduced in Mass Effect 2, a high-ranking Cerberus official that was in charge of bringing Commander Shepard back from the dead after a Collector ship destroyed the Normandy. Genetically modified to be the perfect predator: biotics, combat skills, a pleasing aesthetic to lull those around her into a false sense of comfort – Miranda is a complex character, one that Star Nacho brought to life expertly: 

This Polish cosplayer is an incredibly talented craftsman that definitely deserves the community’s attention. From Blizzard, to BioWare – this woman knows how to make the character she sets her sights on come to life in such a way that you’d have to pinch yourself to remember it’s not real.

As someone that can’t even seem to sew a simple button on a coat, cosplay will never cease to inspire wonder in me. The community for games is so incredibly passionate and talented, to see cosplayers truly pour their love of some of their most beloved franchises into work like this is nothing short of inspiring, at least to me. If you enjoyed the above cosplay, please consider supporting the cosplayer here

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